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Support recycling IP agent IP addresses without navstar running into issues


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      Customer often recycles the node IPs in their infrastructure. This has lead to them running into issues with Navstar that lead Navstar to believe that the old agent had come back up when a host (not being used in the cluster anymore) comes up with an IP that was being used by a DC/OS agent node previously.

      We have already give the customer a workaround to avoid this issue.

      The networking team confirmed that recycling of IP addresses is not something we support. We can look into supporting it in future versions of DC/OS and this would be considered as a Feature request and not a bug from their perspective since supporting recycling IP addresses of nodes was never in the initial goals for Navstar.
      So I'm filing this as a customer request.

      The customer however disagrees and believes that they would consider this a bug since its very common in their infrastructure to recycle IPs. So Robert Clark I leave it upto you to sense the customers pulse on this and reconcile their expectations with networking teams goals.
      We do have a workaround but customer would like for this to be supported out of the box.


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