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      Enhancement Request.

      When Marathon is launching Docker containers, it's hostname can be be specified in script like

       "parameters": [
        { "key": "hostname", "value": "esm01.test.local" }

      However this gives the same hostname to all the instances started by marathon. Example when instance is set like below
      "instances": 3
      all containers will have the same hostname.

      This approach has limitation if Docker containers need to form an inter container communicating cluster when they need to be configured with individual "hostnames" . Dynamic container id is known only after container is launched where as the container cluster application expects to know the members hostnames beforehand to start handshake process with the members before admitting them as a cluster member.

      It would be better if an option is provided for hostnames to be be associated with container id (or some other way) . For example, If I want the cluster to have 50 such containers and be able to scale on demand say min 5 to max 50, then I should be able to name them with say "host-NN" where NN could be in range from 01 to 50. When Marathon launches these containers , these could be incremented or decremented from 01 to 50.

      Another use case arises of such need arises when these containers need to use persistent storage which is exclusive to the container to record it's state/metadata about the cluster and some user/application data.

      This will also be useful when debugging is need for application to track the incident logs and associate it with originating container.




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