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      Hello all,

      The last version of Marathon for the 1.4.x branch is 1.4.11. Since this version some features/fixes were backported to 1.4 but a new patch release was never done.

      These are the commits on the releases/1.4 branch since 1.4.11:

      42591238e Do not start more instances than needed (#6087)
      b5f233476 Always unreserve resources for non-existing instances (#6073)
      d71c9bf9d Update docs for PATCH mode (#6037) (#6041)
      63ddbf8b4 Backport to 1.4: Document mesos role config limitations in Marathon (#6030)
      61a895bb1 1.4 Backport: Update docs with valid examples for fetch URIs (#6016)
      511baefa1 Improve documentation for GROUP_BY operator with respect to the value parameter. (#5976) (#5992)
      1c154c334 Improve the docs for private docker registries (#5979) (#5990)
      4473947eb Improve the docs for command line flags. (#5981) (#5991)
      f4dddf821 Update layout links for versioned docs in 1.4 (#5977)
      cce5dd258 Create the migration flag only while migrations are performed (#5960)
      b417b5580 Document disable_http_compression flag (#5968)
      3eea163b3 Backport of #5929 to 1.4: Scaling to zero takes too much time in case of non-scaling related runspec changes (#5941)
      425f4fb61 Fix flaky `GracefulTaskKillIntegrationTest` (#5905)
      258b94d7f Set a constant time for task status updates in InstanceTest. (#5538) (#5900)
      2d643305e Expose `containerPort` as `$PORT_NAME` env vars (#5887)
      d357e5342 Install bc to fix sbt installation issues. (#5897)
      a54ae2f99 Updated mesos debian package to `1.1.3-2.0.1` and mesos dependency to 1.1.3 (#5898)

      Would it be possible to release Marathon 1.4.12?

      Thanks a lot!


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