[DCOS_OSS-2263] Add strict mode authentication to mesos_exporter Created: 14/Mar/18  Updated: 09/Nov/18  Resolved: 30/Mar/18

Status: Resolved
Project: DC/OS
Component/s: mesos-metrics-exporter
Affects Version/s: None
Fix Version/s: DC/OS 1.12.0

Type: Task Priority: Medium
Reporter: Philip Norman (Inactive) Assignee: Philip Norman (Inactive)
Resolution: Done  
Labels: cs_updated_fixVersion, mesos_exporter
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Time Spent: Not Specified
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Team: DELETE Cluster Ops Team
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There is an outstanding PR to add strict mode authentication to mesos_exporter:


We should get it into a mergeable state and merge it.

Comment by Philip Norman (Inactive) [ 14/Mar/18 ]


Comment by Arthur Johnson (Inactive) [ 22/Mar/18 ]

Hi, If I remember correctly, we were discussing getting PRs 40, 55, and 59. Merged. We did this work in a private repo but were wondering if we can get it merged here. I was going to make a new PR, but I was wondering if this is just easier for all involved (I don't want to delay the merge from being done). We have those PRs merged nicely here: https://github.com/elubow/mesos_exporter

Can we get this sync'd with our base? please let me know! Thanks... 

Comment by Arthur Johnson (Inactive) [ 22/Mar/18 ]

Also, if we wanted to extend the metrics being gathered in the exporter a bit further, would the best way to do this is make a PR once these other changes are merged? Please let me know. thanks..

Comment by Philip Norman (Inactive) [ 22/Mar/18 ]

Arthur Johnson great - thank you for doing that. I'll get to your PR today. 

It would be best to open a new PR once those changes are merged for any new functionality, yes.

Comment by Arthur Johnson (Inactive) [ 22/Mar/18 ]

This is great, thanks Philip! We'll make a new PR for additional functionality. 

Comment by Arthur Johnson (Inactive) [ 27/Mar/18 ]

Hi, I see this is still listed as "in review". Will the changes here be merged soon? Customer wants to know since they'll make new pulls for changes and if they rebuild their environment. Please let me know. thanks! 

Comment by Philip Norman (Inactive) [ 27/Mar/18 ]

Hi Arthur Johnson the changes are fine but the build needs fixing before we merge. It's a super busy time for engineering so I haven't had a minute to get to it. I'll try to do it soonest. 

Comment by Arthur Johnson (Inactive) [ 29/Mar/18 ]

Hi Philip Norman, No problem, I understand. Let me know when you do get to this. Thank you very much for the help here! 

Comment by Philip Norman (Inactive) [ 30/Mar/18 ]

Arthur Johnson just got it merged - it needed some fixes to pass CI. 

Comment by Arthur Johnson (Inactive) [ 30/Mar/18 ]

Fantastic! Thank you very much, Philip Norman

Comment by Catherine Southard [ 04/Sep/18 ]

Updating the fixVersion from 1.12 to 1.12.0 since the ticket has been marked as Resolved - Done

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