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Epic Link: [Networking Docs] Identify and Fill Gaps
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Please add a new row in the Networking section for this documentation in these pages


It'll be great if we can get it done by EOB tomorrow Jan 31st.


Mesos flag to make CNI root directory persistent during Host reboot. The default value is 'false'. The CNI root directory will be under `work dir`. This will allow CNI isolator to do proper cleanup post host reboot

Comment by Razi Malik (Inactive) [ 30/Jan/19 ]

Lisa Gunn Please work on this as a priority.


Comment by Jie Yu (Inactive) [ 30/Jan/19 ]

We also need to advise the customer to do a host reboot after turning on this flag.

cc Deepak Goel, Razi Malik

Comment by Lisa Gunn (Inactive) [ 30/Jan/19 ]

DRAFT complete:



Comment by Lisa Gunn (Inactive) [ 30/Jan/19 ]

Previously documented in DRAFT form for the release notes:

RN 1.10.10 DRAFT content:

COPS-4124, DCOS-46132 - A new agent option --network_cni_root_dir_persist allows the container node root directory to store network information in a persistent location. This option enables you to specify a container work_dir root directory that persists network-related information. By persisting this information, the container network interface (CNI) isolator code can perform proper cleanup operations after rebooting. If rebooting a node does not delete old containers and IP/MAC addresses from etcd (which over time can cause pool exhaustion), you should set the --network_cni_root_dir_persist agent option in the config.yaml file to true. Note that changing this flag requires rebooting the agent node or shutting down all container processes running on the node. Because a reboot or shutdown of containers is required, the default value for the --network_cni_root_dir_persist agent option is false. Before changing this option, you should plan for agent maintenance to minimize any service interruption. If you set this option and reboot a node, you should also unset the CNI_NETNS environment variable after rebooting using the CNI plugin "DEL" command so that the plugin cleans up as many resources as possible (for example, by releasing IPAM allocations) and returns a successful response.

Comment by Razi Malik (Inactive) [ 30/Jan/19 ]

Lisa Gunn Can you paste the PR for the 1.10.10 here?

Jie Yu Whats the full directory path for work dir? Also, updated the description with this:

NOTE: It requires Host reboot for this flag to take effect
Comment by Lisa Gunn (Inactive) [ 31/Jan/19 ]

PR (listed above ) https://github.com/mesosphere/dcos-docs-site/pull/1926


Comment by Lisa Gunn (Inactive) [ 06/Feb/19 ]

New configuration option added to doc and live.

Comment by Lisa Gunn (Inactive) [ 16/Jul/19 ]

Previously resolved.

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